The Data Vault Architecture

The Data Vault is an architectural pattern for data warehousing intended as a “best of both worlds approach” which combines the most desirable qualiti […]

Scalability of WSO2 integration bus

The article presents a partial concept of a multi-layer EAI system based on WSO2 ESB, which is an high performance enterprise service bus (ESB), based […]

Canonical data model

It is very important in the Integration Platform implementation process to develop a Canonical Data Model (CDM), which makes the data on the Integrati […]

Order Management

Order Management is a BPM (Business Process Management) system that enables modeling, processing and management of business processes. In most cases, […]

Mule ESB – how fast it really is?

Mule ESB highlights Mule ESB is an Open Source enterprise message bus. It allows message routing, transformation and adaptation between different inte […]

Vaadin, Clojure and Google App Engine

Vaadin Vaadin is a great framework not only for enterprise, feature rich and desktop-like web applications. It can be also used in publicly available […]

Newsletter for Liferay – Introduction

In this post, I will describe basic mechanisms used in Newsletter for Liferay portlets. Such mechanisms can be used as a basis of any Liferay-Vaadin a […]